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GS LOVE is a one stop shop destination for your trendy, affordable and fashion clothing. With over 30 years of professional fashion expertise we aim to provide you the best shopping experience by bringing the freshest, trendiest fashion for women of shapes and sizes for all ages.

Based in the heartbeat of California, our Los Angeles based company started back in 2013 and now is on it’s way to being one of fashion’s fastest growing brands. We pride ourselves by bridging the gap from the ever-fast changing fashion industry by maintaining the trendiest merchandise in stock every day.

Here at GS LOVE, it truly is about the LOVE. The LOVE for fashion, the LOVE for people, and most importantly the Love for our family, YOU! Our love for fashion and encouraging our customers to feel their most confident every day is what motivates us. The passion and love begins from our Buyers and harmonizes down throughout our entire team. We strive endlessly to satisfy our shoppers to feel empowered and connected.

There is nothing else that brings our team here at GS LOVE a bigger smile than to see our shoppers sharing the love between family and friends. Girls Sharing LOVE is what we thrive to fulfill.

With Love, from the GS LOVE Team