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Showroom FAQ

We will announce ONE winner who participates the event daily.

Do you find yourself on the cutting edge of fashion?

Yes? Then you need to join the GS LOVE Showroom — a destination shopping experience for the fashionably inclined. Gain access to review products before they hit our boutique, get notified by email upon arrival, and submit your opinion to have a chance at winning $50 G-Dollars for your next order on!

Now’s your chance to sound off.

Do you constantly receive texts from friends asking to choose between outfits? Do you find yourself wearing the hottest trends just before they become mainstream?
Help shape our collections by providing sharing your fashion insight.

Not only can you get exposure to our styles hit the shelves, but you’ll be able to share your opinion about why you’re loving the garment, how you would style it, and where you envision wearing yourself wearing it.


Becoming a member is easy. Register for an account on

Not only will you gain access to our Showroom exclusive, you can also track your order status, create wishlists, and become the first to get notified of exclusive promotions.


How do I sign up to join the GS LOVE Showroom?
- You can sign up online to gain access to the GS LOVE Showroom

Does the membership cost anything?
- No, the membership to the GS LOVE Showroom is free. All you have to do is sign up.

Do I have to purchase from GS LOVE to leave a review?
- You do not have to purchase in order to leave a review on the GS LOVE Showroom, but we’re pretty sure you’re going to want to after seeing the latest styles!

I have a GS LOVE account. Do I have access to the GS LOVE Showroom?
- Yes! If you have a registered account on you already have access to leave reviews on the GS LOVE Showroom styles.

The fine print.
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