Privacy Policy

Here at GS LOVE, your online privacy and security is extremely important to us and we made our commitment to go the extra mile to ensure that your online shopping experience is secure.

The following information states how we collect, use, and secure your data. This stuff is important. Read it.


Abiding to the terms and condition of our Terms of Use, GS LOVE collects data, including your personal information throughout the website gslovesme.com when you create an account with us, contact us via social media, comments, reviews, feedback, contests, events, phone, email, customer service, online transactions, and other interactions with products and services offered through our site.


All personal data that you send us through the site via online forms, chat, user interface knowingly is securely stored on our servers that conforms your personal account information such as Full Name, User IDs, Account Passwords, Phone Numbers, Shipping and Billing Information, Purchasing History, Shopping Behavior, and Custom Preferences. This data is customized so we may improve your online shopping experience adjusted to your needs.


We do not share your personal information with any third party outside of GS LOVE. However, keep in mind that GS LOVE have no control over the information that you knowingly share through social media that are public in nature such as Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Pinterest, Tumblr, and others. The information you share through social media is public information and you should be careful on what you share through those mediums.

We may collect web analysis and market tools data from third-parties including but not limited to Google Analytics, New Relic, Omniture, QuantCast and others. However, these site automatically collect NON-PERSONAL information. Analytical data we might collect are, page views and page counts, navigation patterns, browsing device sources, IP addresses, location based data, geo location data, traffic logs and patterns, conversion rates, bounce rates. The tools automatically collect some of these data through "cookies" which is a text based file that stores data of your visited sites. You may adjust these settings on your privacy options on the browser your use to navigate the site, however, by doing it so, some of the personalized and customized features of our online shopping experience may be limited such as preferences, wishlists, navigation history, customized outfits, and such. Most of the data collected is done automatically by these analytical tools and are used as macro data that does not display as personal data that are identifiable to a specific customer. As such, this anonymous information may be shared and used by our partners to improve your online shopping experience.


GS LOVE will ensure that we use the latest and most secure technology available to protect your information when is being sent back and forth throughout the site.

Every time that you access a section of our site that involves the communication and transfer of sensitive data, the information being communicated is encrypted via 128bit and/or 256bit encryption SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology. When you visit an SSL-protected page on our website, your browser bar displays a padlock and https:// prefix. This tells you it's secure to send private information through.

We use GoDaddy.com for our SSL certificate and Authorize.net for all of our secure online transactions.

We host our website in a non-shared dedicated PCI compliant secure server environment with strict traffic control through multiple firewalls to prevent malicious interventions to keep your data and ours safe.


We may send you important notifications, promotions, newsletters, purchase receipts, tracking numbers, and other information related to your account via email, messaging system, your account, or other medium that may be available through our site. You may customize and adjust some of these notifications on your account preferences such as newsletters, promotions, and others. However, some notifications such as order related notices, and personal account information changes cannot be changed.

You should be aware that all information that you post through our site via reviews, feedback, blog notes, comments and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and other related sites are publicly available.

Our site is not intended for any person under the age of 13. If you are under the age of 13, you may not submit, post, sign up, and/or send any personal information to us. If we determine that you are under the age of 13, we will terminate and delete all personal information associated to you without any notice. If you believe that we may have collected such information, please report it by contacting us at report@gslovesme.com and we will take immediate action.


We may use a third party courier of your choice such as USPS, UPS, FedEx to deliver the products you purchased through our site. Your full name and address information will be shared with these third party couriers.

We use a third party payment processing system to process your payments of the products you purchase.

We may use other third parties to administer additional services, however none of these third parties have any access to your personal data except for the ones mentioned before.


Abided by law, if we receive a request in writing to GS LOVE via a legal document such as a court order, subpoena, or other related document, we reserve the right to disclose your information to government agencies, law enforcement agencies, partners, or services providers.

GS LOVE site may contain external links to other websites. GS LOVE takes no responsibility for all the privacy policies and terms of use of any, partial or all content of those sites. Please read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of those sites before you decide to use any of the external links on our site.

Any user content such as comments, reviews, blog notes, social media messages, posts, images, submissions, and other user generated content that are voluntarily and knowingly disclosed by you is publicly available, that is, it may be read, used, collected and replied by other users. GS LOVE is not responsible for such information that you publicly made available via the mentioned methods of delivery.

We reserve the right to edit, modify, and revise our Privacy Policy on this site without notice. By using our site, you agree and accept the terms hereby mentioned. It is advised to visit this page periodically to review these changes.


For any legal inquires, disputes, intellectual property in regards to this Site, please send your comments to legal@gslovesme.com.

This document was last updated on Feb 2, 2016.